Covid-19 Precautions for Safe Travel in Bali & Beyond

Quarantine in Bali / Indonesia

If you do not have a negative PCR Covid-19 certificate, you will undergo a swab test and quarantine at your expense until the results are received (this could take up to 7 days). You will also need to provide a personal statement that confirms you are ready to be quarantined for 14 days if required

If you happen to get caught by the Corona Virus while in Bali or other cities in Indonesia, you will be on Hospital Care covered by your own account or travel insurance. Please make sure to buy your Travel Insurance including Covid-19 coverage prior to departure from your home country

What Bali Aero Travel Provides
We care about our guests’ well-being and safety to the maximum. In order to serve our Clients more efficiently, we act by the Ministry of Tourism and Health regulations verbatim. Our team members, our vehicles, preferred accommodation venues and all other aspects on your trip are checked repeatedly to make sure that the Covid-19 virus threatening the globe doesn’t affect you at all.

Your health, your well-being and happiness is our main concern from the moment we pick you up at the Airport until you go back home after spending memorable times with us, safe and sounds.

What You Need to Do Prior to Getting on Your Flight

If you meet the criteria for entry, you must present a health certificate confirming a negative COVID-19 PCR test (swab test) result, issued at most 72hours before departure. Your certificate must be in English

Airline Company requests a Negative PCR Test being taken before the travelling starts. You will have a PCR test, 48 to 72 hours ahead of time and you need to get your results in hand before you depart for the Airport on your International Flight. Please consult with your respective Airlines prior to issuing your ticket to Bali or other cities in Indonesia.

Fill out an electronic health awareness card (e-HAC) and submit it before departure, save the file or print a copy as you have to show this form upon arrival in Bali Airport or another Airport in Indonesia

On Your Arrival to The Airport at The Destination

  • Electronic Health Awareness Card (e-HAC)
    Your e-HAC must be filled with complete & accurate information to expedite your Visa and Passport checking upon arrival in Bali or another Airport in Indonesia to avoid long queue and social distancing.
  • Health Screening
    Passengers disembarking from the plane should undergo a health screening process with a thermal camera. If a high temperature of above 37 degree Celsius is detected, you will be taken to an enclosed place for further examination
  • Visa and Passport Control
    Please make sure you are eligible for Visa Exemption or have a valid Visa to enter Bali / Indonesia. Please consult with nearest Indonesian Embassy prior to arrange your visit to Bali or another city in Indonesia
  • Passport Control
    Please make sure your passport is valid minimum 6months from your intended stay with one empty page for immigration stamp

Passenger Baggage Claim Hall
After going through the Passport Control, you will be directed to the Baggage Arrivals Hall. Here, you can see which carousel your luggage is on, by monitoring the electronic display on each section. While waiting on your luggage’s arrival, we expect you to observe the social distancing regulations

Meeting at The Airport with Our Ground Staff
After you pass through the custom and walk to exit gate, you will meet with Our Driver / Guide who wait for you in front of exit door with your name display on Paging Board. They will take you to your vehicle with the social distancing in mind and that you will leave your luggage to get on the vehicle as the driver will place your luggage inside the vehicle on behalf of you

Health & Safety Protocol for Our Vehicles
we comply by all the regulations and restrictions imposed by Ministry of Tourism. Our vehicles are cleaned and disinfectant on regular basis for hygiene. You can use disinfectants available at all times during the transportation for your convenience. All of our Drivers and Guides are well informed and educated about the Covid-19 Pandemic Safe Tourism guidelines. They will follow up social distance rules and procedures applicable and they might remind you of the precautions during your trip

What to Do During Sightseeing / Tours
Before the tour departure, drivers’ body temperature checked by our operation team.
The drivers to use Mask during the sightseeing at all times. The drivers and guides have to follow up on social distancing rules. Tourist guides to act in accordance with personal hygiene rules and use medical masks throughout the tour and comply with social distance rules. Tourist guides pay attention to comply with the guidelines under COVID-19 regulations in the places visited such as museum, archaeological site, recreation facility etc. Informing the group about the protective measures at the entrances and supervise whether the measures are followed by the group accompanied from entry to exit. Due to the droplet formation threat, loud talking and shouting are avoided. In the tour, if symptoms such as fever, cough, cold, and shortness of breath develop occur on one of the participants, they are to be directed to the nearest health institution with a mask on. The patient is isolated until he is taken over by the healthcare institution and is accompanied to the health unit when necessary

Health & Safety Protocol During Check-in and During Accommodation

We only cooperate and recommend The Accommodation who Certified and being inspected by our Quality standard on COVID-19 health and safety protocols to make sure your safety during your holiday in Bali and another city in Indonesia.

Visual information is provided regarding the rules and social distances applied / to be followed in places where guests and staff can easily see them throughout the facility. Necessary precautions regarding social distance are taken, markings are made and more guests than the limited capacity are not accepted in accordance with the Pandemic plan. Hand-sanitizer or antiseptic is kept at the entrances, on common areas and public guest toilets as well as in different parts of widely used general areas.

Daily cleaning materials and hygienic personnel attire are provided. Guest rooms, surfaces and equipment in rooms that are touched by hand such as telephone, remote control, water heater, door-window handles are cleaned with disinfectant products when the guest’s accommodation is over.

The cleaning and hygiene for the kitchen and related areas, all kinds of hardware and equipment used in the kitchen, counter and storage areas are regularly provided. Service materials are washed in the dishwasher throughout the facility

Transfer Out to The Airport
The vehicle is going to be disinfected and cleaned the driver body temperature will be controlled by our operatives the driver is going to use a mask during the return Airport transfer just as well.
The driver will take of your luggage so you do not contact with it while unloading Once you reach to Airport, he will drop the luggage and will be careful about the social distancing rules

PCR Test

You can go to a Hospital or Health Center to do PCR test, 48 to 72 hours prior to your departure and you need to get results before you arrive to Airport for your flight back home yet again.